Posted: March 1, 2015 by Sheila Callaghan


DSC_0287Good golly! Miss Molly is a Lakeland terrier–a “red” Lakeland terrier to be exact. She is 9 years young and, as you can see, an active, cute, and petite girl at 14 pounds.  She lost the only home she knew when her devoted owner became terminally ill and Molly was surrendered to the Mission Viejo shelter. She got into a little skirmish there and so we rescued her in November, 2014. Sometimes Molly becomes quite barky when the Rescue phone rings!  We joke that she would do best in a home with a cell phone on vibrate or any tone but the old fashioned ring!  Molly is good with other select dogs but we think she would do best as the only dog due to her need for your undivided attention. Sometimes she gets so distracted when folks come to visit, though, she doesn’t pay attention to them as they would like. So poor Molly has been left behind. She has watched as her buddies Aemonn (now Junior) and Buffy went on to homes of their own. But Molly really loves your attention and loves to be held and cuddled (as seen with Tom watching TV at the Rescue). Molly is in good health. She just had some dental work that required extractions but now has a unique, charming smile for everyone! With lots of patience, exercise, training, and, of course, your love, Molly will be a wonderful companion and very grateful that you gave her a chance! We think that Molly may display separation anxiety, and, because she came from a home where someone was with her all day, we think that she would do best with someone who works from the home or is retired.




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