Posted: March 1, 2015 by Sheila Callaghan

Here is Buffy’s Story:
Two days before Christmas 2014, Buffy and her sister, Trixie (formerly Busy and Chewy) were surrendered to a Las Vegas shelter to be euthanized. Their “crime?”  The best that we can determine from the sketchy history we pieced together was that the two Wires were left alone in a backyard. They squabbled as female Wires will (we never place two girls together), they were left to themselves, not socialized and never walked, and seldom,  if ever, given attention. When there was attention or the hope of it, Buffy in particular became overly exuberant and with that came “air snapping.”  Unfortunately, when a young girl came into their back yard, an air snap must have connected. No skin was broken, but it did not matter. They went from the back yard to the shelter with a request for the death sentence.
 Quick and kind intervention brought Buffy LaRue, (as we dubbed her because we thought it sounded like a showgirl name!) to us. She is an energetic 6.5 years old. (The other “showgirl,” Trixie La France,  now Tess, has been adopted and is now living in San Diego. You can see her story under “Connected Wires,” too.
Buffy has found the experienced adopter she needed and Brenda is thrilled with her.  And what a perfect find! Buffy is housebroken and will sit for treats. She is a very clever girl in addition to having those showgirl looks– beautiful tricolors!  We wish Brenda and Buffy a very happy life together.



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