Posted: January 21, 2019 by Sheila Callaghan

This handsome guy is perhaps an exotic terrier breed yet to be discovered! Meet Shandy, who was found injured on the streets of Long Beach, CA. The vet at the shelter surmised that he had been hit by a car and suffered multiple fractures. They lacked the resources to help him and he was destined to be euthanized within hours when a volunteer desperately got in touch with us. We rushed to the shelter and then to the vet. Fortunately, Shandy actually had no fractures, just soft tissue damage! He does have a bit of an issue with his left knee called a luxating patella. But he is not showing any symptoms and this condition may not progress at all.

He is lucky to now have a clean bill of health and is happily getting into mischief like his terrier counterparts. He’s very spunky and loves to play. This energetic four (maybe 5) year old gets along fine with other (mellow) dogs but would probably like having someone all to himself. Shandy weighs in at 24 pounds so is just the right terrier size. He likes having someone around as much as possible. He may be a bit of an escape artist, but he is also the kind of pup who will be waiting for you to come home and play. Don’t count out a terrier mix for being one of your best dogs ever!

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