Posted: March 2, 2019 by Sheila Callaghan

Toby, three years old, is our latest arrival from South Korea! He was supposed to come in with Tally in November, but stayed behind at the vet. Sadly, this sweet, little Lakie boy’s owner gave him away to someone who left him chained in a backyard where he was given minimal care and attention. Having no vaccines and no preventative medication, Toby contracted heartworm and needed treatment. He completed treatment before his trip but needs follow-up and will be tested again in about 3 months. Toby will need heartworm medication for the rest of his life. Despite being neglected, Toby is sweet and lots of fun. He likes to gaze directly into your eyes and then surprise! He’s in your lap! He is the darling of everyone at the Rescue. His antics keep everyone entertained and smiling. He loves his squeaky toys but is kind to them and plays nicely. So far they have all survived! He does, however, like to stealthily steal toys away from the other dogs – not aggressively but with typical terrier cunning. As you can tell from the photo, Toby recently saw the vet for neutering. He is doing just fine and we will have new photos soon! He was probably house trained at one time but is definitely needing a refresher course! He’s learning the ropes at the rescue and having lots of fun chasing the birds that come to the yard to feed. This ordinarly mellow boy just goes bonkers over birds! Toby will need some more time to be monitored for his heartworm condition and to come a little further with his house breaking. However, if you are in the Southern California area, please submit an application if you are interested in adopting Toby.

At this time, we may prefer that Toby be the only dog so that he can have all the attention that he didn’t get before now focused on him.

Toby arrives at LAX January 9,2019

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