Posted: February 5, 2020 by Sheila Callaghan

Terrier ( ideally Lakeland) experience needed!

Before arrived from South Korea to be with us, Toby had been betrayed.

So, it is understandable that he will need extra some extra care and careful handling in addition to understanding some of the usual terrier personality challenges.

Toby’s owner entrusted him to a friend when he could no longer take care of him. Instead of continuing that care, the “friend” – a monster, really, chained little Toby up in the backyard and barely paid him any attention. Perhaps he provided the bare necessity of some food and water (quality unknown) but certainly not the medicine Toby needed to prevent heart worm infection. When compassionate rescuers convinced the man to give Toby to them, the vet examination showed that he was heart worm positive. Because of that, he needed to go through treatment that consisted of painful injections and a three month confinement. After some TLC from his rescuers, and a clean bill of health, Toby was finally able to come to us in January, 2019. In addition to loving and cherishing him, Toby will need a vigilant owner who will be sure to give him heart worm medication without fail every month.

Toby was adopted but unfortunately, despite careful screening, the match was not successful. Confronted with quite a bit of change, Toby acted out and did not do well. Despite our best efforts for him he came back to us so we now want to be extra cautious about his placement.

Toby is a good boy! You just have to take it slow with him which is very understandable given his sad background. He is good with people and good with most dogs, but he cannot be approached too quickly or he panics. He also guards certain areas on his body and tries to protect himself. We hate to think that he was abused but that is a likely explanation for this behavior.

Overall, Toby is a sweet boy who is good with people and most dogs. One of Toby’s favorite pastimes is chasing birds! So if you have a feeder or attract the birds some other way, Toby will be getting lots of exercise but the birds won’t be getting much to eat if he is around! He chases cats, too, and we are not sure of his intentions so perhaps it is best if they are left out of the adoption equation. Toby is good on walks and, with a doggie door, we would say that he is housebroken most of the time. But like most of our dogs, Toby will need some watching over until he adjusts.

All in all, Toby is a really sweet terrier. One that really wants to get on an understanding lap and stay!