Adoption Process



Terrier breeds are typically independent. For years they were bred to assist in vermin control in rural areas. They had a job to do and did it well with little supervision. While their instincts are the same, they now find themselves having to adapt to urban settings that are filled with dangers and to people whose expectations are far different from farmers of years ago.


Terriers are very intelligent and feisty as well as independent. They are very curious about their surroundings and, while they become very attached, they also may not be as interested in pleasing you as a dog of the working or sporting breed has been bred to do. A terrier is often not impressed with your wishes. If there is something interesting to sniff or chase or hunt, that is usually their priority--not coming to you when called. Therefore, they MUST always be in a securely fenced yard and always on leash. All family members must be aware that a terrier is not to be trusted by an open door or gate. If you have notions of hiking with a dog off leash who will obey your every command--a terrier is probably not the breed for you! A terrier will run for the pure joy of it and leave you behind.
Since they were bred to ferret out rodents, they can be proficient diggers. Your backyard may look like an archeological expedition site. Since Wires are feisty and independent, they often assume  that they are top dog and want to dominate other dogs. This characteristic may not go over well in a dog park. And, it may be problematic when adding a terrier to your home should you have  another dog--especially  if the established dog has the same attitude! If you are tolerant, patient and are ready to handle the challenges of the above (and more) behaviors, if you have a great sense of humor and, if you don't mind having your dog outsmart you, then a terrier just  might be the right dog for you.

Did we say proficient diggers?!

bone16Our Wires: As we mentioned previously, ATRA will take in any Wire Fox Terrier, regardless of age or condition. Therefore, on the following page you will see that, in addition to our adoptable dogs, we also have dogs classified as senior, special needs and in "sanctuary." Depending on the circumstances, seniors and special needs dogs may still be adoptable. They are also the ones that we would love to have sponsored. Dogs in sanctuary will live out their final years in Rescue and we would appreciate sponsorship for them also. The vet bills incurred for the seniors, special needs and dogs in sanctuary are significant! bone16




Please remember we only adopt in the state of California
Please review the steps below. All must be completed before a dog can be considered for placement.
In order to begin the process of adoption:  You must FIRST:
Links to the application can be found on this page or the Home page and on the Contact page. Please  submit the application either by attaching to one of the e-mail addresses listed on the Contact page or by mailing it to the address on our Contact page. An application must be submitted in order to be considered for one of our adoptable dogs.
A completed application assists us in determining your level of terrier experience and whether a rescue dog will be a good match for your lifestyle. Therefore, it is important that information is accurate and the application is complete. After the application is received, you will be contacted and there will be:
After your application is received and reviewed, you will receive an e-mail or a phone call from a volunteer to acknowledge your application, supplement your application with a phone interview, if needed, and to arrange a home visit. After the home check, there will be:
If possible, we appreciate having a veterinary reference. If not, we appreciate having a reference familiar with you that we can contact.



Our application may be filled out on line and attached and sent to us by e-mail. If you have ay problems, you may download and print the application and send to the address listed on the Contact page. If you do that, please e-mail or call to let us know to look out for it!


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