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Our Greatest Needs Are:


ATRA is entirely dependent on donations in order to continue rescuing. We will rescue any terrier no matter what age or condition. That often means that we face extraordinarily high veterinary bills-- especially for the numerous senior dogs under our care. Monetary donations are very much appreciated!
An easy way to donate is through Paypal. There, you can even set up monthly donations AND arrange to sponsor a dog.  Use our Donation link where you may use Paypal or your credit card or send your donation to the address on the contact page. All donations are used exclusively for our dogs' needs. We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation so all donations are tax deductible.
 Note:  if your  online donation is in Memory of or in Honor of a loved one, please send us the form linked below so we can properly acknowledge your generosity and inform parties of it.
ATRA Online Donation Form 2015



Sponsor or Foster a Senior or a Special Needs Rescue
It is heartbreaking that so many senior Wires lose the only home they ever knew because their owners must move into assisted living or they pass away without any  family members or others willing and able to take care of their dog for its remaining years. Many of our dogs come to us as seniors who otherwise may have been euthanized. Most people looking to adopt, however, want younger dogs. That means many of our older dogs live out their lives at rescue. Seniors may have some health issues and need more prescriptions for various conditions. Won't you help them by sponsoring one of these sweet souls who sadly lost their home at a time in their lives when a loving home is  so important?
Fostering a senior is another alternative and works well when a dog can be rehomed to the foster without coming to rescue first and then having to readjust. That can be stressful on an older dog. Some just need a quiet corner, a little exercise and lots of love. The rewards are immeasurable. Rescue will cover the health expenses.
We also have special needs dogs that have on going veterinary expenses. We cannot turn our backs on these terriers--there is still hope for them! Your teaming with us to help with their vet expenses would be greatly appreciated!


Here are some other ways to help:

Provide short term or long term Foster Care

A short term foster can be a few days or weeks of keeping a dog before it can be transported to Rescue or have an interested applicant meet the dog. Long term foster could be months, years or even permanent depending on the circumstances.
All fosters sign an agreement with us and permit a home check and on going contact with the Rescue. Rescue helps with veterinary expenses.                                                                      ATRA FosterAgreement 2015
ATRA can always use new volunteers. Our volunteers are vital to keeping the Rescue available for terriers in need. There are many ways that you can help, some do not even require leaving your home!


Here are some sugestions:

faviconCan you check animal shelters for our breed(s)? Often we are told a purebred terrier is there but shelters are notorious for creative breed descriptions and pictures can be deceiving. Often an in person evaluation is needed.pic12
faviconIf you visit and make a positive identification, can you then adopt the dog out of the shelter for us? And transport or help to transport the dog to us? Your expenses will be reimbursed.
faviconCan you check online for Wire Fox terriers? Craigslist, the websites of animal shelters, Petfinder or other sources?
faviconAre you a talented fundraiser? Have some ideas to help us raise money for the Rescue? We sure could use your help!