Archive of Rescue Stories

Years of Amazing ATRA Stories

Since its founding in 1988, ATRA, like many Rescues, has had its share of incredible, hilarious and inspiring stories. We have chosen a few we think you will enjoy: Nora's Daring Escape to Meet her Love! Riley Makes it to Broadway! Edward's Christmas Miracle! Bandit Survives! Wire...
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Nick and Nora and ATRA?!

asta-1Just about anyone who owns a Wire is familiar with the "Thin Man" movie series and its canine star, Asta. But ATRA has its own star and the story is found in the book, "Broadways Tails," by Bill Berloni and Jim Hanrahan. Chapter 11, entitled, "Outfoxed'"...
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A Christmas Miracle

Edward lived with two other Wires and was much loved by Mike.  Many years ago,  in 1988, Mike suffered a serious accident and his family, assuming his death was imminent, gave away all three of Mike's beloved Wires. Mike miraculously recovered and set on a quest to find his dogs. He found two, but not...
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