Archive of Rescue Stories

Lance – Our Hero

 LancelotLance's Story, Photos and Tribute were provided by his loving owners, the Newsomes, who have adopted from ATRA multiple times.
"We never knew where Lance came from. He was found wandering the streets and given shelter by an extremely kind woman, one who was afraid of dogs....
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The Chilling Story of Bandit

 One cold night,  a few days after Christmas back in 1995, an extremely thin, dirty and matted Wire Fox terrier boy--and a senior one at that--wandered on to the grounds of an Orange County hotel. Desperately thirsty from his days on the streets, he jumped up to the hotel fountain to get a drink. And...
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Three Wire Witnesses

The first indiction that something was amiss just before Christmas, 2000, was that Susan Berman's three beloved Wire Fox terriers, Lulu, Golda and Romeo were running in the street in a frenzy of barking. Susan would never have allowed that. Sadly, Susan was found murdered in her Benedict Canyon home.
After Susan's death, Lulu was adopted...
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A Christmas Miracle

Edward lived with two other Wires and was much loved by Mike.  Many years ago,  in 1988, Mike suffered a serious accident and his family, assuming his death was imminent, gave away all three of Mike's beloved Wires. Mike miraculously recovered and set on a quest to find his dogs. He found two, but not...
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