We were very saddened to learn that shortly after his 14th birthday, Charlie Baird had to leave his family, Tori and Brady and twin boys Carston and Emmett.They were all devoted to this most special Wire and miss him terribly. We recently featured Charlie in our News...
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Josie,  8, was rescued some years  ago from the LA County Shelter located in Baldwin Park. That shelter, unfortunately has a high euthanasia rate. We could not leave her to an uncertain fate. So, even though she is a Airedale mix, we took her in (another  dog that came in "under the wire...") Her soulful eyes...
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Little Missy left us as quietly as she lived out her days at the Rescue. One of our Sanctuary dogs, Missy was a 13 year old West Highland White Terrier whose owner sadly passed away. He was a patient where Ruth, our president, works at her husband's medical practice. Missy's owner insisted that Missy come...
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Little Skippy was given up by her owner when she was ten years old. When she came into Rescue, she needed lots of help:  mammary tumors removed, her ear infections treated and her allergies and subsequent skin infections also treated. After Ruth's vigilant and loving caretaking, Skippy...
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