Say a big howdy to Howard!  Howard came to us all the way from San Diego! We were alerted to a "purebred" Wire Fox terrier so we asked a volunteer in the area, Debra Hager, to please check on him. He had fooled everyone who looked at his shelter picture but we just couldn't turn our backs on him so here he is! Volunteers Nancy Smith and Jill Brennan each took legs of the long trip from San Diego to Ventura County and both remarked what a gem Howard was for the entire trip. Turns out, Howard is a gem no matter where he is! Well behaved and housebroken, Howard has become a favorite at the rescue--he is easy going and no trouble at all. He gets along with all the other dogs and even the resident cat, Pusswillow! Howard likes to jump on your lap, just to be near you. He has slight separation anxiety so he would do best in the home of a retiree or an adopter who works from home. We would prefer that Howard have the company of a dog or even (amazingly) a cat! Howard is probably about 8 years young and in good health although his "gentle dental" cleaning revealed that he needs more thorough cleaning and probably some extractions. We hope to do that soon after our auction fundraiser on Facebook ends. If you want the ideal dog who has not been a minute of trouble and you can be there for him too, then our Howard is the dog for you!

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