Why the name Santa? He only has a short white beard and while he is jolly now, he is just the right size and does not have any belly! Well, this handsome, sweet Wire boy was in a shelter in Korea and he was doomed to die on Christmas Day. Fortunately Janette Gunner, who rescues many dogs in Korea, rescued him that day and found a foster for him until she was able to contact us and make the arrangements for him to fly across the ocean. Our tradition is to let the people involved in the immediate rescue of a dog to name that dog and so, Santa it is! And what a gift he has been. He handled the long flight on Singapore Airlines like a seasoned traveler. And now he is a rescue favorite. We do not have paperwork showing his exact age so the estimate is  from 5-8 years. His teeth look very nice and his health seems in fine shape.  He is neutered and up to date on all shots. He gets along with all of the dogs at the rescue and seemed to take a shine to the elder statesman, Nick. He is learning to play and has adjusted just fine. Does he understand English? Well, with a terrier it is always hard to tell if they are listening to any spoken word! But this boy is so mellow he loves just being with you. He likes to watch football with Tom on Sundays so he may be learning English from the TV as so many people do! He is learning to play and have some fun in his new found freedom. Such a sweet, sweet, Wire and now citizen of the USA! Fortunate are the adopters who are worthy of taking this boy to his forever home where he can put his abandonment and brush with death behind him.


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