Another Nick & Nora Story- Or, Tales of the Flying Fox Terrier

Posted: February 16, 2015 by Sheila Callaghan

In 1994, the Smiths adopted Nora, (formerly Piper from the Downey shelter) to be company for their male Wire Fox named Nick. But Nora had other plans.
We all know that Wires are Houdinis who can disappear in a moment. But Nora took her disappearing act to a new level–UP, that is! Her act rivaled that of Rocky, the Flying Squirrel (for those of you old enough to remember the cartoon character!) It seems that Nora jilted Nick and fell in love with a German Shorthaired Pointer named Pepper who resided with the Shuberts just downside from her new home with the Smiths. We all know that nothing will stand in the way of true love and to reach hers, Nora first had to climb vines to the top of the 6 foot block wall. Then, the Shuberts, who were retired, witnessed the rest of the escape. The drop into their yard was formidable — even for a Wire. But, as Wires will, Nora devised her own daring scheme to overcome that challenge. She would hurl herself, outstretched, onto the limb of a tree that grew high up from the neighbor’s yard. From there, she would fling herself from branch to branch until she reached a reasonable distance from the ground. Then, as the astounded neighbors watched,  she would land with a thud on terra firma, walk into their home and make herself comfortable with her Romeo.
After repeated unsuccessful efforts to thwart Nora’s escape, her adopters sadly returned her to the Rescue.  Within moments, the Rescue line rang. You guessed it –the Shuberts. Charmed by Nora’s antics and not wanting to stand in the way of true love, they asked if they could adopt Nora. After all, she had spent most of her days with them. So, as an additional feat,  Nora conducted her own home check and compatibility test with the Pepper and found herself a new home!
Scan 2
Pepper and Nora
Nick and Nora with the Smiths