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We are a Southern California 501 (c) (3) non-profit terrier rescue group. We are all volunteers and there is just a handful of us!  We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of  Wire Fox Terriers. Our dogs seek people with lots of “terrier savvy!”  That means an understanding their special needs and their unique  personalities. It also means understanding the sometimes misunderstood terrier behavior that may have led to their need for rescue.
We occasionally take in other purebred terriers such as: Welsh, Lakeland, and Airedale Terriers or, we may be able to refer you to another terrier rescue source.
Are you looking for a devoted terrier companion?  Can you can offer a lifetime commitment of love and caring?   Do you have the understanding (and enjoyment) of terrier challenges? If so, we are happy to assist you in adopting a terrier that will be the best match for YOU! faviconPlease note: We only adopt within the state of California!  The reason? Our resources are very limited.  We want to ensure we can check on the dogs we place. It is important to us to be immediately available if they need our help.


Mission Statement

TO: Rescue Wire Hair Fox Terriers where our help is needed.
TO: Assist with the rescue of other terrier breeds when requested.
TO: Provide any needed veterinary care for all dogs we rescue.
TO: Evaluate the temperament and personality of dogs.
TO: Screen all applicants to assure the best match for them and to ensure a forever home for our dogs.
TO: Provide ongoing support and education to adopters and potential adopters.


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Featured Adoptables!

Currently, all of our adoptable terriers have been placed!

See Currently, all of our adoptable terriers have been placed!'s rescue story.

Facebook Updates

Penny plays....and we continue to pray...

Always sweet, now each day, Penny becomes more playful. At her estimated 8 years, she is the baby in her foster home and she has fun running circles around the 2 other Wires there and stealing their toys away.

Judging from that, we are hoping that the medication for her "dry eye" condition is successful and her eye will not have to be removed for her comfort.

Penny has a vet appointment tomorrow for a determination of our next decision. We will, of course, do whatever Penny needs to live a happy life. She has lots of love to share!

Please join us in hoping and praying for Penny!

Cash and Hogan (being fostered) needed to meet Ruth and their fellow rescue, Howard, so it was time for a romp at the Rescue. All of the boys landed in the arms of ATRA within a few weeks of one another....
Belle went along for the ride too!
And thank you Brandee Williams Lara Barnaby for riding shotgun and holding Hogan who protested much too loudly in his crate.
The ride up from Long Beach was fairly uneventful. Cash got carsick and Belle, despite being given an opportunity to "go" before we left, needed us to detour off the freeway for a potty break. Hogan learned immediately which button made the windows go down to provide a possible escape route but was thwarted from the outset by Terrier savvy Brandee ( who has adopted from us multiple times!)

The meet and greets were quite extensive with lots of sniffs and well, you know what 3 newly neutered males will do....There were multiple rumbles and grumbles with no declared winner....

Pusswillow, one of the Rescue cats bravely ventured outside and Hogan gave chase and tried to climb into the tree after her while Howard looked on in admiration....

Belle was above it all most of the time especially when she claimed Ruth's lap but every now and then entered into the fray with the boys....Cash helped himself to Brandee's ice tea while Hogan looked on with envy....

Then it was time to go....Guiness and Beau, the rescue horses, (yes, ATRA has barnyard rescues, too!) wanted dinner and bid us farewell.....

Oh what fun it is to be out of a cage and running free! Go, Cash, go!
Our latest rescue is making up for lost time!

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