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We are a Southern California 501 (c) (3) non-profit rescue group comprised  entirely of volunteers. Our terriers are seeking people with terrier savvy who are interested in adopting a purebred Wire Fox Terrier. We may also house or refer you to Welsh Terriers, Lakeland Terriers, and Airedale Terriers who are in need of homes. If you’re looking for a devoted companion and can offer the commitment of a lifetime of love and caring, as well as an understanding of terrier challenges, we are happy to assist you in adopting a dog that will be the best match for you!


Mission Statement

TO: Rescue Wire Hair Fox Terriers from any situation where help is needed
TO: Assist with the rescue of other terrier breeds when requested.
TO: Provide any needed veterinary care for all dogs in our rescue
TO: Evaluate the temperament and personality of dogs in our care to assist in determining their best placement.
TO: Screen all applicants to assure the best match for them and to ensure a forever home for our dogs.
TO: Provide ongoing support and education to adopters and potential adopters.




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Our Danny Boy.
Looking for love in all the wrong places?

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Charlie received good news!
Diabetes under control!
Still, there are challenges ahead....during his work-up they found bladder cancer...and there are still bills remaining!
If you can help even a little ($2 is minimum donation on the LoveAnimals site) here's the link:
Donations go directly to the vet.

Thanks! What a tough terrier! What a devoted, loving family!

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UPDATE! Daphne is in a foster home in Long Beach, CA!

Please! Is there someone in the Smooth world who can help this poor girl? We are full -- having gotten 2 Wires in this week!
Please direct all inquiries and offers directly to the contact listed or to the FB page listed below. Thanks!

Daphne, the senior Smooth just needs a place to be loved for what time remains for her....


"I’m writing to you to see if there’s any way you might be able to help this little girl. I am close to being forced to having her put to sleep because I haven’t yet found a suitable fosterer, rescue or adopter.

I have, under my rescue umbrella, an abandoned senior female smooth fox terrier about 12 years old, who had been brought to the Humboldt County Animal Shelter in NW Calif last month Found abandoned in a small local community on a main road. Covered in ticks but otherwise apparently OK, she was not put up for adoption because it could not be determined in a shelter environment if she was fully continent.

She was taken out of the Shelter via the rescue I’m a partner in (It’s A Dog’s Life Rescue), in order to have her get a vet exam and board at the vet’s hospital kennels to see if we could find out any more about her continence status.

I don’t believe it is fair to her to keep her kenneled as she is much longer. She’s obviously unhappy with this.

We don’t want to euthanize her but don’t want her to be distressed any longer. She is active, perky, sweet, sensitive and affectionate.

I have lots of information about her which I will send to you if you want it. I have multiple pix, vet findings, personality profile, video.

Options are dwindling for this girl, who is very lonesome and wants to have human company. We believe she’s pretty indifferent to other dogs. She has some senior dog ‘issues’ for certain but may have another several months or longer to enjoy a good life and bring joy to someone.

We have a firm, through ride for her to So Cal end of this next weekend.

Thank you so much for considering her."

Jean Durbin
Volunteer, Dog Rescue, Humboldt County Animal Shelter
home phone: 707-839-3148

It only takes one person to throw an animal away
but it takes a whole team to find it a new home!

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