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We are a Southern California 501 (c) (3) non-profit terrier rescue group. We are all volunteers and there is just a handful of us!  We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of  Wire Fox Terriers. Our dogs seek people with lots of “terrier savvy!”  That means an understanding their special needs and their unique  personalities. It also means understanding the sometimes misunderstood terrier behavior that may have led to their need for rescue.
We occasionally take in other purebred terriers such as: Welsh, Lakeland, and Airedale Terriers or, we may be able to refer you to another terrier rescue source.
Are you looking for a devoted terrier companion?  Can you can offer a lifetime commitment of love and caring?   Do you have the understanding (and enjoyment) of terrier challenges? If so, we are happy to assist you in adopting a terrier that will be the best match for YOU! faviconPlease note: We only adopt within the state of California!  The reason? Our resources are very limited.  We want to ensure we can check on the dogs we place. It is important to us to be immediately available if they need our help.


Mission Statement

TO: Rescue Wire Hair Fox Terriers where our help is needed.
TO: Assist with the rescue of other terrier breeds when requested.
TO: Provide any needed veterinary care for all dogs we rescue.
TO: Evaluate the temperament and personality of dogs.
TO: Screen all applicants to assure the best match for them and to ensure a forever home for our dogs.
TO: Provide ongoing support and education to adopters and potential adopters.


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See Howard's rescue story.

Facebook Updates

Please join us in wishing Ruth Millington, the founder and leader of Abandoned Terrier Rescue Association a very happy birthday! For over 30 years, Ruth has rescued, rehomed and given sanctuary to countless terriers, mixes and barnyard animals. Seldom, if ever without a smile, Ruth has greeted hundreds of canine newcomers over the years, no matter what their condition, with, "Oh how CUUUUUUTE!" Before there were many, if any, specific terrier breed rescues, there was Ruth and Abandoned Terrier Rescue (hence the generic name that continues to this day!) Always willing to help even at great personal sacrifice, Ruth exemplifies what rescue is all about: the dogs! That is why you see lots of dogs but little of Ruth on our Facebook page! Thank you, Ruth! Many, many good wishes and please do not be too upset with this tribute! ...

We all were thrilled when we learned about Toby's adoption --the senior we just highlighted who is now now residing with his new family, The Brooks and Wire Tucker.

Now we are hoping for a happy ending for another wonderful Wire senior, handsome Hudson. Just look at his beautiful ginger ears!

We introduced Hudson last month--he was abandoned and found wandering, challenged by diminished sight and hearing but resilient and sweet as only our terriers can be. He survived the streets but he was found in an area served by a high kill shelter. Sadly, it fills quickly and seniors with their conditions are at the highest risk of euthanasia. And the timing was was critical --the shelter filled with dogs frightened by 4th of July fireworks!

Hudson was rescued through a cooperative effort of ATRA and Living Free Animal Sanctuary in Idylwild, CA. He is being very well taken care of there and ATRA is helping with his expenses. (Thanks to a successful auction!) He is in their air-conditioned suite and is a staff favorite. But even with the love and attention he receives there, he really needs and deserves a home of his own.

Hudson's had fun playing with his roommate, Pierce, but Pierce has been adopted and Hudson was left behind. We tried all of our networking resources but the response was uniform concern about his age.

Age? It's just a number, right? And we really don't have one for Hudson.
Maybe 11? Maybe older? No matter! Hudson still has lots of life and love to give. He won't ask for much in return, a soft bed, some good food, baths, toys and most of all your time and love for the rest of the time he has. Hudson has been neutered and had his teeth cleaned. Unfortunately, he could not have any extractions or a growth on his leg explored because his heart rate dropped too low under anesthesia.

If you think you could be the special person who can give Hudson the life he deserves, please contact Living Free at
(921) 321-9982. And if you adopt Hudson, please contact Abandoned Terrier Rescue regarding help and support.

We all need another happy ending! Especially Hudson! Help him sail away to a new life! Remember, it is their time with you that matters more than your time with them. Everyone who has adopted a senior will tell you it was a most rewarding experience!

"May your choices reflect your hopes...not your fears...."
Nelson Mandela

Abandoned Terrier Rescue is so grateful to Morgan and Brad Brooks who made a long trip from their home to meet Toby, a senior who needed their love and attention. It takes very special people to adopt a senior and we were happy to be able to assist in making this match. We are always relieved when people who face the dilemma of giving up their terrier contact us rather than relinquish their Terrier to a shelter. With grateful hearts, we wish the Brooks, and their Wire, Tucker, many happy years together with Toby. Today, Tucker and Toby enjoyed a nice, long walk in the forest to stretch their legs after their long journey home yesterday. ...

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